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Random Padres Thoughts on a Monday

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  • Could the Padres have handled the Trevor Hoffman situation any worse?  I submit to you that they couldn't. 
  • If you think Hoffman is jerking you around and wasting time than tell him that in 2 weeks you are going pull the offer or renegotiate, while explaining that his decision is keeping them from making other decisions. 
  • It totally seems like a knee jerk reaction where the Padres FO had their ego bruised.  Someone needs to tell them "it's business", they like saying it but probably wouldn't like hearing it.
  • I highly doubt Trevor Hoffman will have anything to do with the Padres franchise until after Moores sells and Alderson is in a different job.
  • Moores should have talked to Trevor or at least told him he didn't want to meet him.  You know Hoffman didn't want to talk to Alderson, because he was going to complain about him to Moores.
  • Why do we have to wait another season to move in the fences?  Just do it already.  They spend all of 5 minutes deciding to boot Hoffman and it takes them a year to move a fence.
  • How bad does Peavy want to be traded right now?  I bet his list of teams he'd accept a trade to has grown to 29.
  • I wish the Padres would change their colors back to orange, brown and yellow.
  • Why hasn't there been any more trade talk about Clay Hensley?  That was the first trade rumor we heard of the season and he's still here.
  • Our bullpen is terrible and we are in desperate need of pitching, so it doesn't make sense to get rid of Hoffman.
  • If the Padres thought that their team would be competitive any time in the next two years than they would want an ace like Peavy around.  The fact that they don't want him tells me they know it's going to be a long while until they expect to be good.
  • I liked Padres baseball a lot better when I didn't know the names of people in the front office or the names of agents.
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  • I for one like the interviews that Darren and Billy do and am sick of people complaining about them.  Guess what?  Trevor Hoffman and Jake Peavy are news, that's the reason why they ask a million questions about them in every interview.  They should not spend all their time asking questions about minor leaguers and stats. I already can't wait for the next Sandy Alderson report.
  • I hope Moores sells to a good owner.  It's the least he could do at this point.
  • If the Padres were The Hills, than Hoffman would be LC, Moores would be Heidi and Alderson would be Spencer.  Yeah I just went there.