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Let's keep the discussion civil

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JBox and I aren't around to moderate all the time, so I'd like to take a second and just remind everybody that personal attacks don't really get you anywhere.

We've let discussions go for the most part and I'll do my part when I come across blatant name calling to just get rid of those comments, but seriously, I'm not here to be your dad.

It's now very simple. If you choose to insult another Gaslamp Baller in the comments, in a fanpost or in a fanshot, you will be banned.

Yes. This includes comments in the vein of, "Are you an idiot?" Because everybody can see through your second grade "deflection". It's not an insult if I'm just asking if he is an idiot!  Sorry, dude. Banned.

Some ribbing is good natured, but everybody can tell when it crosses the line, because we get really annoyed at reading the comments. If you honestly, in your heart of hearts, can't tell when you're commenting something with an intent to be insulting, then you don't deserve to be here anyway.

Anybody that comments in this post in some whiny attempt to defend how they behave will be banned. I don't want to hear it. If you can't figure it out, then think really hard about your comments before you post them. I really miss some of the people that used to comment here regularly and I'm almost positive they're gone in part because they're turned off by some of these "healthy debates".

Thanks. Go Padres.