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Alderson: "Trevor goes on a trip and his agent starts popping off."

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Harvard Marine trying to catch-up in the court of public opinion

Here's a list of the valid reasons why one might withdraw a contract offer:

Withdrawing a $4 million contract offer for Hoffman's 2009 services is a defensible decision when you consider: A) it had been on the table long enough to attract termites; B) Hoffman had neither consented to the proposal nor countered it; C) letting it sit creates a “contingent liability” (Alderson's term) in a marketplace too fluid to let offers stand indefinitely; and D) rescinding the offer now does not preclude a deal getting done later.

Here's the reason that seems to have led to the decision:

“I thought there was a general understanding that we were going to deal with this on a confidential basis,” Alderson said during an appearance Tuesday night on XX Sports radio. “Trevor goes on a trip and his agent starts popping off.”

Why would it be so hard to tell Hoffman that they are going to withdraw the contract re-issue an identical new one with an expiration date, to protect the team and then try to set up a few meetings in the meantime?