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Cubs introduce a third team into the Peavy trade talks

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Kevin Towers has said in recent interviews that he'd need proven big leaguers, impact players and a healthy supply of prospects in order to trade Jake Peavy.  He also said that they want "pitching, pitching, pitching" in return.

Buster Olney is reporting that the Cubs are bringing a third team into talks with the Padres in order supply the Padres with the pitching that they desperately need.  The Cubs don't have much pitching to deal.

I always assumed that the Padres would need, at very least, a proven or impact starting pitcher in the deal to fill out the rotation, but the deals with both the Braves and the Cubs only name position players, with only a mention of a few pitching prospects.  Are the Padres so desperate to dump Peavy's future pay, that they are open to more than pitching?

Here's what the Braves deal would look like:

The Braves and Padres have settled on two pieces of the package that Atlanta would send to San Diego -- shortstop Yunel Escobar and outfield prospect Gorkys Hernandez. The Braves likely would include one of two young pitchers, either Charlie Morton or Jo-Jo Reyes. The two sides are at odds over the other pieces in the deal; the Padres are known to have interest in young pitcher Jeffrey Locke.

Here's what the Cubs deal would look like:

The Cubs and Padres have talked about a deal built around Josh Vitters, the Cubs' top pick from 2007. But unlike the Braves, Chicago is not steeped in pitching, and so the Padres and Cubs are in the process of drawing in a third team to their talks, and that third team would be the side that would flip the pitching necessary to San Diego, in order to make the deal work for the Padres.

Also isn't it inevitable that Peavy will agree to a trade now after hearing about Hoffman's ordeal?