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Tony Gwynn: "It's really hard to be a Padres fan right now"

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  • From a players standpoint, it's hard because you spent the bulk of your career here, worked hard and you wonder why they are looking at you the way they are.  It's hard to look at the negotiations the way the Padres are looking at them.  You can't understand why they are treating you the way they are after the job you've done  for them.
  • There's always a chance they could revisit the negotiations.  It will come down to what type of offers Hoffman gets from other teams.  As a player you are smart if you don't become too loyal and look at contracts as  business decisions
  • The Padres have always tried to sign players at less than market value.  Trevor has taken the less than market value his entire career.
  • There aren't a whole lot of teams that will give Trevor the opportunity to be a closer.
  • Pulling the offer confused Tony Gwynn too.  He thinks the Padres might be trying to force Hoffman's hand.
  • Hoffman's last negotiations weren't on the best of terms either.  Tony doesn't know though he's on the outside.
  • Gwynn and the Padres fought right up until the last day on his last contract.  Tony sat down with Moores and Lucchino and he thought he would have to play elsewhere.  Looking back on it now Tony admits that the Padres were right about him, that he couldn't play every day in his last year.
  • Tony agrees that Hoffman earned the right to talk to Moores and discuss any problems between the Front Office and himself.
  • "Pulling the offer caught all of us off guard."
  • Gwynn has been through 3 or 4 Fire Sales.
  • The bad division means that the down time might not be as long as it looks right now.
  • "It's really hard to be a Padres fan right now."
  • Tony can't understand why they wouldn't want to sign Hoffman.  From the outside we can't understand it and the Front Office needs to tell us their plan.
  • Tony agrees that they'll need more than just a short stop in a trade for Peavy.  The pieces that they get for Peavy are going to have to turn out to be pretty good players.
  • If Peavy decides to stay with his veto power, than he's really going to throw a wrinkle into this season.
  • "it's tough on the fans, especially in this economy"
  • Tony still thinks there is a chance for the Padres to compete in 2009, but the fans need to hear the plans.
  • Padres fans aren't going to know if the team will be any good until they hit the field.
  • Tony signed the 3 year contract at SDSU about a month ago.