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How's Sandy Alderson doing as CEO?

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I'm a little surprised when people have been commenting about Sandy Alderson being a "baseball genius". I haven't seen the results at all so far at the Major League level. Maybe it just takes more time for his vision to be realized, but then why is he given credit for bringing the Padres a NL West title in his first year?

From what I've seen in his tenure he's ruled over a Padres franchise that has played nothing but mediocre baseball in the first several years to absolutely atrocious baseball last year. The general entertainment level has been low, but the teams have had their moments.

Those that point to his years of success with the A's in the late 80's as proof of his genius are reaching or living in the past. Unless he invented steroids I'm not sure what he did that was so great with those teams. As Hoffman can probably tell you now, past performance doesn't earn you a thing in the present.

I think Alderson is a logical guy and tries to make good business decisions, but for being such a smart guy he absolute terrible in the Public Relations department and often comes off very condescending. I like the fact that he makes himself available to the media though, the transparency is great and I'm glad we aren't being fed the smooth talk from slimey marketing exec. Complain about him all you want but at least he is willing to take questions and you get to hear the answers straight from the horses mouth.

I admit I laughed when he took over and all the Padres marketing hyped the Front Office instead of the players. He's not shy and not afraid to display his ego. I guess the photos in the Padres magazines and television commercials worked though because there is at least a portion of the fan base that have placed their loyalty in the Padres offices instead of on the field. Nothing wrong with that, there are different types of fans.

I don't have anything against the Front Office but I'm a baseball fan and I like the game as it is on the field. The execs can keep their numbers, their budgets and negotiations. They've taken so much focus off the field, the Padres, the game itself and for me some of the enjoyment.

I know a lot of fans like to play GM and make hypothetical business decisions that's why Fantasy Baseball Leagues are so popular. Personally I don't get it, but to each his own.

I'm curious to see how you would grade Sandy Alderson's performance since becoming a CEO.