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Alderson won't say why contract was withdrawn from Hoffman

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Happy Veterans Day!

Just got back from watching the Veterans Day Parade down town on the Pacific Coast Highway. Saw Jerry Coleman in the lead Jeep wearing an American Flag cap waiving to the spectators. Excellent parade. The way the UT described the lack of spectators and interest couldn't have been more wrong from what I saw. People were lined up 3 or 4 deep on each side of the street clapping the entire time as Veterans passed by. At the conclusion of the Parde it was a Veterans Day lunch with Dex. Good stuff.

On the drive home I was listening to Coach and the Bull Dog interview Tom Krasovic of the Union Tribune. He has talked to Alderson and wrote about in his blog.

Alderson on Hoffman Breakdown

"Let's just see how things progress," Alderson said Tuesday morning. "I expect to meet with Trevor, assuming that he continues to want to do so, but beyond that I'm not going to comment."

Pressed on the subject, Alderson said, "Let's just see how things progress."

Tom says that although there is a chance Hoffman isn't gone, that the Hoffman camp has suggested that there is almost no possibility of him returning.

Hoffman's request to meet with Moores certainly didn't go over well with the Front Office:

"I don't think it's appropriate for John to be involved in contract negotiations," Alderson said Tuesday. "Their original request was that Trevor and his agent meet with John. That's simply not how we do things."

Alderson refused to answer the question as to why the contract offer was withdrawn from Hoffman.