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The Padres are falling apart, so let's promote everybody in the front office

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The team's coming off a 99 loss season. Who knows what the ownership is doing. Fans are disgruntled. People want to know what the word is out of the front office. Apparently, the word is pats on the back all around...

"I am pleased to announce the well-deserved promotions of Dave, Paul and Fred," said Alderson. "Together they bring a combined 72 years of experience in professional baseball and we are proud and fortunate to have each of them on our staff."

Winfield was Vice President, so I guess being made Executive Vice President/Senior Adviser is a promotion. Paul DePodesta was Special Assistant of Baseball Operations and Executive Vice President sounds a little more official, but from what I can tell, everybody will be basically doing the same thing.

It must've been time to re-order business cards in the front office. 

Snarkiness aside, congratulations to all and especially Paul! We've always been and continue to be DePodesta fans.