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Are the Padres just going to watch their fans leave?

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Earlier this week, my wife's uncle emailed me and Jonny Dub, asking us if we wanted to take over his season ticket package. Unfortunately, the price was much too much to justify spending, especially considering Elliott and the fact that we hung out more in the Park in the Park than our seats anyway. On top of that, despite all our doing, we couldn't even really come up with a practical group that would be willing to buy the package.

What's weird too is that Rumors and Rants is basically going through the same thing.

This one just came hot off the wire and it’s a doozy. My family, long-time San Diego Padres fans and franchise supporters through thick and thin, may not renew our season tickets for next season. I don’t know if I can adequately explain how much of an indictment that is of how awful things have gotten in Friar-ville.

The seats that we're passing on have been continuously owned for almost 30 years. Sure, there are obviously economic reasons involved, but still...

To me, this somehow all goes back to the Padres getting rid of the Compadres Club and attaching an annual membership fee to it. We're supposed to pay them to be a part of their customer loyalty program. How does that make any sense? It's like filling in a Subway Sanwich Card and being told you have to pay for your free sandwich. WTF, Padres. Seriously.

In all, there's just been this general, unshakable feeling that fans aren't appreciated. It's hard to explain, but even little things like not having a bobblehead giveaway night when the bobblhead giveaway is consistently the most popular giveaway anywhere makes me wonder.

So what does this mean for the Padres? Are season ticket holders just going to completely bail out on the team? Has the team done anything to encourage people to stay? If so, why haven't we seen it?

The Padres better start working on their marketing, like... stat.