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Padres are actively shopping Peavy... allegedly

PADRES: Moores might be selling part of team

There are a few interesting things in this NC Times article:

An anonymous source said this about Jake Peavy:

"They're not just listening to offers, but they're throwing his name out there,"

The Padres are actively trying to get rid of Peavy.  I bet they could get a few more prospects and a couple bench warming veterans for somebody like Peavy.  That'd be awesome.  We could totally re-live the golden years (2004-2007) of the Padres franchise.

Even if Moores accepted an offer for 49 percent of his controlling stake in the team ---- he purchased 80 percent for a reported $80 million in 1994 ---- he'd still own nearly 41 percent of the club

Did the NC Times do their math wrong?  Is he selling 49% of the Padres or 49% of his 80%?  I'm not sure how he would still own 41%.  I'm confused.

[Note by jbox, 10/10/08 9:30 AM PDT ] It's 49% of his 80%

Apparently Gonzalez saw the news on television while watching Oprah this afternoon. 

"If nothing changes, then nothing changes," Gonzalez said. "The only (worry) is if it ended up being more than half because then it's a new owner and a new staff."

Why do people even interview Gonzalez?  He's so dull.  Great player and a great guy but he's so boring.

Sandy Alderson owns 2% of the Padres, that'd be funny if he totally sold out his shares to the person that Moores sells to, so that the new entity becomes majority owner.

Why can't John and Becky just agree to give their shares to  their daughter, Jennifer Moores and not fight over the Padres?  That would be a classy thing to do.