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Friar Faithful Field Day

The Padres are thanking the fans for sticking by them by hosting Friar Faithful Field Day.  The public will be allowed to play on the field on Sunday, October 26, 2-5pm.  I'm skeptical, why are they trying to be so nice to us now?

Here's the catch though (pun intended),  you aren't allowed to bring anything on the field remotely related to baseball.  You can't bring an actual baseball on the field for crying out loud!  Well at least they let you bring a ba-  no bats?!  They also say you can't bring tees, footballs, chairs, blankets or towels.  Well I guess the Padres don't want anybody to get hurt or have fun, so they are going to be supplying soft baseballs.  Does that mean the squishy foam balls that the Pad Squad hands out?  You can't have fun with those, I've tried.

The Padres must be close to tearing all the turf up, because I can't imagine the anal grounds crew would ever allow the public to walk on their precious grass.  I'm going to bring a rake and pretend I'm the dancing grounds crew guy.  Maybe I'll fill my pockets with salt and slowly release it down my pant leg like Andy Dufresne and salt the earth so nothing will ever grow there again in the shape of a "99" in center field.  Actually I don't want to be destructive, instead I'll release seeds and sometime next spring a Dodger will trip over a large squash on the baseline and the Padres will win, me and my squash will be heroes!

The Padres will also be showing the movies Field of Dreams and A League of Their Own, when we get bored not be allowed to do anything fun on the field.