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Mark Prior files for free agency, wants to play for Padres

It's Halloween and like clockwork, candy corn makes an appearance in the news. So says Corey Brock:

Prior signed a one-year deal worth $1 million last December with San Diego, passing up higher offers in both length of contract and base salary to play for his hometown team.

This dude can lift pumpkins. PUMPKINS! Those are extremely large members of the squash family! C'mon!

"He feels really good right now," Prior's agent, John Boggs, said recently. "He is at the beginning stages of his rehabilitation. He's playing catch, but he's not at the point where he's airing it out yet."

At the time of the surgery in June, Fronek indicated that Prior could "optimistically" be throwing again by spring.

I feel pretty good right now. I'm not even rehabbing. I get a little catch in here and there. We can probably do a similar amount of "airing it out".