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Sandy Alderson doubts ballpark's fences will be moved in this year

XX Sports Radio: Sandy Alderson Report

  • The Padres have done preliminary studies on the outfield fences. Sandy doubts anything will happen this year. They will continue to weigh their options. The Padres have ruled out the quick fix, but if they can maintain the intergrity of the ballpark then they are going to strongly consider it.
  • The visitor's bullpen along the first base line might go behind the right field wall if the fences are moved in.
  • World Series talk [Bud Selig's decision, Sandy talking about his beloved A's, Weather, neutral site for WS]
  • Player Payroll / Budget for the Padres has not been decided on yet. The Padres need to take into account uncertainty such as the economy. Alderson guesses the payroll will go down.
  • The payroll is not the reason why they haven't picked up Giles' option. They still plan on exercising the option. They'll make the decision when they have to and the Padres don't want to take on the risk early. Sandy says that the Padres have 15 days to make the decision after the conclusion of the World Series.
  • The Padres have an offer out to Trevor Hoffman and Kevin Towers is expected to talk with Hoffman and his agent in the next few days.
  • Alderson assumes that all information will get out in the press and become public. It's the nature of things.
  • It is possible the Padres could get more for Peavy at the trade deadline than during the off season. Something else might happen that will diminish his value during the season.
  • Alderson doesn't think there have been any inquiries about Adrian Gonzalez.
  • Alderson guesses the Dodgers could be a trade partner for Peavy and the Padres. Trade talks aren't going to heat up until next week when Towers goes to the GM meetings.