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Padres have 10 days to pick up Giles' option

The Padres have 10 days from now to pick up Giles' option.

"We have a pretty good sense of what the Padres are going to do," Bick said. "But we really haven't talked much. It's one of those things that is fully in their hands. But I'm hopeful it will happen. Certainly there's been some indication of positive signs."

Who takes longer to make a decision? The Padres? Trevor Hoffman? Jake Peavy?

Do the nerds in the Padres Front Office have to pour over more of Giles' stats? What's the hold up here? Sandy Alderson made a comment in one of his interviews a few weeks back that Giles was in Hawaii and if he was hurt body surfing that they didn't want to be stuck with his contract. Giles lives a high risk life.