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Peavy wants to depart or stay

PADRES: Peavy wants to stay, but willing to depart

Well this clears everything up.

"He doesn't want to leave," Axelrod said. "It's not easy at all. The bottom line is (this process) is not easy for Jake or easy for the Padres. There's not ill will. It's a tough situation for the Padres, and it makes it tough for Jake and his family. It's a choice between two bad options."

Bad Option #1: Jake gets traded to a competitive team that he approves of and probably gets either his contract extended or a full no-trade clause for the life of his contract.

Bad Option #2: Jake fullfills his contract which in the end will bring him tens of millions of dollars. He gets to live in America's finest city while reaping the rewards of being arguably the most famous athlete in the city.

I'd hate to be in his situation. Some folks lives roll easy.

"We're never in control of timetables," Axelrod said. "But at some point, say Feb. 15, we'll say 'Jake's not going to accept a trade.' That's the only control we have. We've never talked about it. It could be next week that Jake says 'I'm tired of this speculation' or he might never say it. ...

"I have no idea (if a deal will happen.) One minute there's no way it could happen, and the next it could happen at any time."

I get that Peavy wants to wait to see a deal that the Padres would agree to, but let's not pretend he doesn't have full control of the time table. I don't want to hear any bitching at all about the pressure this puts on his family. This is all on Peavy. He was awarded a no-trade clause and all he has to do is use it. So please spare us the whining, because it's all in your hands.

"It's a rarity where you get to a point where you have a choice," Axelrod said.

"As any given situation arises, we can take a look at all of the factors.

"He will have a true choice."