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Oh good. We can talk about the grievance against Khalil well into the Spring.

Padres' Greene grievance won't be heard before Spring Training

We learn a few new things from this article.  The Padres stopped paying Khalil in August.  The Player's Union filed a grievance against the Padres and the Padres ended up paying Khalil again, but not without filing a grievance of their own. I love a good double cross.

We also learn that a similar incident happened with the Yankees back in 1982 and they lost their attempt to withhold payment.

"We're confident that Khalil's position in this case will be upheld," said Weiner, general counsel for the union.

I don't know about you but I need some Ivy League nerd to weigh in on this:

"I just hope they find a quick resolution and this doesn't linger," pitcher Chris Young said. "We need Khalil next year, and we need him healthy."

This story could make for an entertaining off season.