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XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Interview

XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Intereview (MP3)

  • Tony Gwynn gives the Dodgers credit.  The Dodgers hitters are making the pitchers work.  The Dodgers have earned it.
  • Other than Mark DeRosa, the Cubs haven't been able to put it together.  He thought "Zambrano threw the crap out of the ball" but his defense couldn't back him up.
  • Fukudome isn't aggressive on balls that are out.  The Cubs are only aggressive on middle-in.  Fukudome has been off balance.  Gwynn thinks DeRosa will be in right field tomorrow.
  • Gwynn watched batting practice.  Manny has an unbelievable swing.  He had to get the home run swing from game one on video tape so he could study it.
  • Gwynn thinks 98% of the time Manny's swing is under control and he's confident that whatever you throw him, he can hit it.  His discipline is so good, Gwynn would pitch around Manny.
  • The Dodgers are quietly confident.
  • Gwynn really likes Russell Martin because he can do so many things at the plate. 
  • Gwynn thinks the Cubs need to relax and that the road is the best thing for them.  The crowd put too much pressure on them.
  • Gwynn agrees that the Cubs haven't done enough to allow Pinella to manage them to a win.
  • Gwynn thinks the Angels can get back into the series.  He thinks they are the best and most balanced game in baseball.  If the Angels lose tonight he doesn't think they are coming back against the Red Sox.
  • What would excite Gwynn about the 2009 season? Right now, re-signing Giles and Hoffman he would be confident that things would get better.  They have to do more than just bring those two guys back though.
  • Gwynn has not read the Padres 143 page manual.