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If we can save the Moores' marriage, then maybe... just maybe we can save the Padres

I have no idea what broke up John and Becky Moores' 40+ years marriage.  I guess it could be any number of things, but it sounds like it's pretty bitter at this point.


You know what would be cool?  If we here at the Gaslamp Ball could somehow get them to stay together and stop the divorce.  Of course we'd do it mostly for them and their family but we'd also benefit from ownership that wasn't squabbling and trying to liquify all their assets.

I don't know much about John or Becky or their relationship.  I know they met in High School history class they have a few children. Maybe that's enough, we could pull a Parent Trap and decorate a room to look like their Texas High School History Class and bring them together and then they'd realize how foolish they've been.

Maybe we could send Becky love poems and sign them from John.  Really there are any number of things we could try, in order to save their marriage and save our team.

We could also mind our own business, but we've never been much for that option.

Anybody have any genius ideas?  Besides minding our own business?