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Padres don't really want to keep Peavy and Peavy doesn't really want to stay in San Diego

Neither Peavy nor the Front Office wants anybody to think that they are the reason for the possible trade.  Neither wants to admit it is about the money.  There's only one way to prove it's not the money and that it's not them that wants the trade.  Either side can stop the speculation immediately, but they won't. 

The Padres are claiming that they are only listening to offers to find Peavy's value in an effort to make the team better.  They aren't saying anything except pointing to Peavy wanting to be on a team with a real chance at a World Series title.  They seem to think that they can back on track but I think they realistically know that their roster filled with inexperienced youngsters has little chance at making a run towards a title.  If they thought they had any chance at all then they would need an Ace.  Someone like Peavy and under no circumstances would they give up that key position. 

It's also painfully obvious that money is going to be an issue for the Padres for years to come.  Moores owes a big chunk of change on Petco Park, the attendance is low, and Peavy has a back weighted contract.

Peavy on the other hand hasn't made any comments to the press in weeks.  Last we heard from him he was saying he wants to stay in San Diego for a variety of reason, though he does want to play for a winning team.  In the next few years it doesn't seem like he's going to be able to have both.  He and his agent have said that it's the Padres that have been shopping him around, but he's helping them of prodding them.  He's making lists of teams he'd like to go to, he's talking teams picking up his no trade clause and make other special arrangements for him. 

Both seem to just seeing who will blink first.  Both waiting to see if an offer comes around that will tempt them.  Meanwhile fans are looking at both of them, thinking that they want a winning team and that Peavy is a key to winning.  Neither option seems that great at this moment.  We either keep a Cy Young pitcher who probably doesn't want to be here or we lose him to an seemingly endless cycle of rebuilding years.  Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.