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San Diego builds a footbridge to nowhere for $26.8 million

Footbridge to Petco Park under construction

The southwest side of the bridge connects to a 2,000-spot parking garage and a Hilton hotel that will open in December.

But the northeast side will now lead only to an empty parking lot instead of the luxury Marriott hotel once envisioned

A bridge from a parking structure to a parking lot.  Awesome.  Mayor Sanders says that San Diegans want a iconic structure.  I bet they'd be okay with something that did the job for under $26.8 million.

You know what I suggest?  They should build a rope bridge, just like the one from "Temple of Doom".  That way if Dodger fans are surrounding you on each side trying to steal your bag full of giveaway foam balls, you can say to your lady friend "Hold on lady we going for a ride!"  then cut the rope!