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Towers: "There is a great chance he could remain a Padre"

PADRES: Cooling off period for Peavy talks

I swore Peavy was gone last week, now Alderson is saying that things are on the back burner and Towers is saying that there is a great chance Peavy will stay.  Everyone continues to say they'll do anything to make the club better.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Padres Front Office is getting cold feet though.  It seems that they got rushed into negotiations with teams throwing offers at them.  Some of them have to be thinking about the consequences if they deal Peavy and these players they get in return don't live up to expectations and don't make the team better.  It's a big risk that I'm not sure they are too eager to take.  You just can't predict how these players will perform.  It's definitely a safer choice to keep Peavy in San Diego.  Can you imagine the backlash if the Pads trade Peavy and the players don't perform under the pressure to live up to the deal?

I get the feeling that these comments from the Front Office are trying to let it be known that they aren't getting the deals they expected and don't want to take the risk of trading Peavy.  If Moores tells them to cut payroll then they might not have a choice.

Towers, Alderson and Peavy's Agent Axelrod are going to meet this week.  They aren't allowed to make any announcements during the World Series so they can do it without to much pressure from the press.

In this article a possible trade has been offered by Atlanta:

According to some reports, Atlanta has an offer on the table that would include prospects Jordan Schafer and Tommy Hanson and either second baseman Kelly Johnson or shortstop Yunel Escobar. Schafer, a 22-year-old center fielder, was suspended 50 games at the start of the 2008 season for suspected use of human growth hormone.

Axlerod also comments on the burning fire in Jake's belly that refuses to be extinguished until he wins:

"It's a big decision," said Axelrod, who noted a no-trade clause would have to be part of any trade. "You have to look at all the factors and moving parts. We're usually pretty deliberate. ... At times, (Peavy's frustration) bubbled over. He's a fiery competitor. You don't want to take that out of him. You don't want to tame that too much. But I heard Jake say it, I heard Brian (Giles) say it and I heard Trevor (Hoffman) say it ---- they're not that far away. I think if they kept (Mike) Cameron, (Geoff) Blum and (Doug) Brocail, they're in it last year ---- 84 games wins this division."