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Is the Padres strategy a good one if we end up with 99 losses?

From the latest at Ducksnorts:

Quoth Dex: “Just because Sandy Alderson has a particular philosophy that has worked in the past doesn’t mean that I have to like it. There’s a good chance that I won’t like it regardless of how hard he and his supporters try to convince me that I’m stupid for not liking it.” Once upon a time I wanted to go into teaching. I even worked as a teacher’s aide for a semester at a junior high school. That’s where I learned that people will believe what they want to believe no matter what you tell them. That’s where I decided that teaching wasn’t for me. If the effect is the same regardless of my presence, I’d just as soon save my energy for something else. Sigh…

Just so it's clear... What I believe is that I didn't enjoy last season and even though we were "competitive" the seasons before, I didn't really enjoy those seasons either. The level of uncertainty and the knowledge that the strategy is essentially "do just enough to be competitive" is not letting me enjoy the seasons as much as I feel I could.

If Sandy Alderson or anybody else wants to tell me that what I believe is wrong... That I actually do like the product on the field. That I do think this particular strategy is resulting in enjoyable baseball for me... That I shouldn't be critical of a 99 loss season just because that exact same strategy gave some other team a World Series... Then I don't know what to say. Maybe they're right. Maybe I did enjoy all 99 losses. Sure felt like I didn't though.