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Alderson: Peavy trade is not on the front burner

XX Sports Radio: Sandy Alderson Report

  • Alderson thinks that it could be possible for the MLB to fly from the East Coast to Europe mid-season if they had a few days off after to acclimate.
  • Baseball will only become popular in Europe if they develop players from those countries.
  • The World Baseball Classic has the potential to become a true World Series.  The best teams in the World are in the United States. The game is diminishing in Japan and not taking a hold in China and Europe.  The WBC is the best chance we have.
  • The Rays are a team that was developed through the draft and can win the World Series.  They've made good trades and some rule 5 drafts.  The lesson that can be taken from this is how valuable drafts are.  The Rays have won with a deep starting rotation and bullpen with guys that have hit the cover off the ball.
  • The Peavy trade is not on the front burner.  There were a couple clubs that tried to get a head start by starting before the playoffs ended.  Those discussions have taken place but there has been no immediate progress. Alderson doesn't think anything will happen in next two weeks.
  • The Padres have an obligation to get better even if that means they have to explore trade possibilities with a number of different clubs.  There is plenty of time to explore the Peavy trade.
  • There is no time table to trade Jake Peavy.  Peavy hasn't imposed a time table and Alderson doesn't think it would be wise to set a deadline.  Though in six weeks the vision going forward needs to crystalize.
  • There has been no update on the Khalil Greene grievance.  Alderson doesn't expect an update.  This situation may not be resolved until something is schedule which may not happen until mid next season.
  • Will Khalil be here next year?  "Yeah he could be".  Again if the Padres can become better by trading him they will.
  • Alderson likes Tampa Bay in the World Series.  Alderson likes how balanced the Rays are with power from both sides. 
  •  Sandy didn't say he was rooting for Tampa Bay.  Alderson is in fact rooting for Philadelphia.