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Prior likes the Padres if they like him

Agent: Prior wants to pitch for the Padres

Mark Prior's agent knows suckers when he meets them. After getting paid a cool million dollars for absolutely no regular season work, Mark Prior is open to sucking off the Padres teet some more.

"We would definitely be interested in the Padres," Boggs said. "It's a situation where I'm sure he would love the opportunity to come back with the Padres.

"But they [Padres] will have to express interest. Hopefully they're interested in us. We're interested in any team that has reciprocal interest in Mark."

Prior's agent sounds like an 8th grader passing notes. I'll tell you I like you, if you say it first.

Ok, let's say we're interested... hypothetically! How is his arm?

"He feels really good right now. He's at the beginning stages of his rehabilitation. He's playing catch, but he's not at the point where he's airing it out yet," said Boggs, who did not want to set a timetable as to when Prior might be game-ready.

I'm sold.