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Peavy could be a Dodger or a Brave by next week

Peavy unlikely to go to Astros

Major League sources told that Peavy is strongly believed to be drawing the most interest from the Dodgers and the Braves, and that a deal could be completed in the very near future, possibly in the next week.

I will be really disappointed in the Padres if they trade Peavy to LA. I can't even imagine it right now. That will be punch to the kidneys. I've been thinking he'll either stay a Padre or end up with the Braves, it's hard to say. Just remember Jake, you have the power to stay, so you use it!

Peavy's first choice, according to the source, is Houston, but it is unlikely that the Astros have enough Minor League talent to offer the Padres, who are seeking starting pitching and, possibly, a center fielder.

Peavy doesn't need to be getting into any more trouble with Oswalt. It's for the best.