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Peavy is "miffed" but in control

Organization focuses on pitching trade discussions for Padres ace

There has been a lot of speculation about what positions the Padres are looking for in return for Peavy.  Towers probably knows best:

“I would say our preference is pitching,” Towers said. “Probably next, it would be middle of the infield. Pitching more than anything. If we moved Jake, we'd look for controllable pitchers, preferably starters in a significant enough package to where some are major league ready and some are close to being major league ready.

This may mean that Olney was right that Khalil may be packaged with Peavy in a deal.  One can only hope.

Peavy is “very, very miffed” over recent speculation that Peavy wants out of San Diego and prompted the trade talks.

“Jake's driving the train,” Towers said. “We can't do anything without his permission. He shouldn't be miffed. Let's put it this way: If he didn't want to go anywhere, he'd say, 'Don't talk to anybody. This is where I want to stay.'”

Towers is right, it's Peavy's decision.  I have no doubt that Peavy would agree to be traded to another club, but I think he originally thought that he could persuade the Padres to spend more and make a push for a competitive team.  The Padres it seems are going to take their sweet time rebuilding.