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Sandy Alderson Report: Peavy trade and Team Ownership

XX Sports Radio: Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • Interview starts with a few minutes of A's / Dodgers 1988 talk. 
  • Alderson hasn't gotten much feedback from season ticket holders about the possible Peavy Trade.  He may get some as a result of this interview.  He thinks it has to do with the fact that it isn't inevitable yet.  The Padres are in the earliest stages of the Peavy exploration.  The FO is focused on making the team better.  That may mean moving Peavy and may not.
  • He won't say how many teams have been interested.  "It's a handful".
  • Why are they shopping Peavy right after they signed him to a long term deal?  Circumstances changed.  99 losses gives reason to reconsider everything.  There has been an incredible change in circumstances.  The Padres want to get better.  They are going to explore all options.  They want to get back to where they were as quick as possible.
  • You can't make the assumption that the Padres won't acquire major league talent that won't make them better. 
  • They want a mixture of players that can help us now and help us later.
  • Alderson doesn't think Jake's outspokeness has much to do with the trade possiblity.  It's not a factor for him.
  • Trading inside the division wouldn't be the Padres first choice.  It would depend on how much better the Padres are getting vs. how good they are making the other team.  Alderson won't rule it out.
  • The Padres want to get better generally.  The Tampa Bay team is a great case study.  They have tremondous power and athleticism.  They can do lots of things.  The Padres need a better bullpen and OBP.
  • Sandy was a little surprised by the timing and that something came out so ambiguous about Moores selling the team.  He doesn't think it should be surprising that a divorcing couple would split their assets.  Moores wants to remain with the team and in control of the team, that's the important part of the article.  Several elements of the article were not accurate, but there might be a partial sale.  He doesn't know where they came up with 49%.  It's not unlikely that a partial sale may occur.  Alderson has talked to Moores and his people and nobody is terribly upset about it.
  • Alderson is NOT part owner of the team, even though it has been reported otherwise.
  • Alderson says he can't speculate about when the Padres will get back into the World Series. 
  • Alderson told season ticket holders that they will play young players but surround them with championship quality players.
  • Alderson doesn't know if the team is close to signing Hoffman.  He hasn't talked to Towers in a few days.
  • The team is still working through the budget.  They are working on it as we speak.