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Padres bullet points

  • Chip Ambres cleared waivers and elected to test the free agent market.  If you're like me you probably forgot who Ambres was, I had to do a google image search to remind me.  Here's a pic.
  • The Padres won't raise ticket prices next season.  Now Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack can catch a game together, everybody was worried about them.  It's hard to believe that the Padres were still able to draw 2.4 million people to the park during 2008, only 300k less than in 2007.  We can thank Petco Park and the downtown atmosphere for that because it certainly wasn't the quality of baseball.  Sandy said "We are constantly looking to add value to season-ticket packages and are glad to offer more options and flexibility for our most loyal fans."
  • Geoff interviewed Former Padres pitcher Dirk Hayhurst again after his move to the Blue Jays.  Try to guess which one said this: "It’s extremely flattering to know there are people out there who can stomach my ramblings. San Diego was a great town before I made the scene, and I’m quite sure it will remain so in my absence. I’m just glad I could be a part of it, and share it with so many. Thank you."
  • Padres Planet grades the 2008 team giving the Bullpen a "G" because it is so much worse than an "F".
  • I saw this picture of Shamu on the Padres website and got excited thinking that they were going to act on my idea.  Unfortunately the article is about San Diegans on play off teams.  I hope they all lose.