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Jake Peavy's Agent: Padres proposed trade

XX Sports Radio: Barry Axlerod Interview

  • Jake Peavy did not go to the Padres and ask for a trade.  The trade was proposed by the Padres.  He was told by KT that it would be good for the club financially and Jake said there would be some circumstances where he would be willing to leave.
  • No matter what happens in his career San Diego is going to remain Jake Peavy's home.
  • It can be assumed that it hurt Jake Peavy's feelings when he was being told that the Padres wanted to shop Peavy around.
  • The Padres are making it known that they would be interested in making a deal if the terms are right.  They are not just sitting around doing nothing.  It is more active than just fielding phone calls.
  • Was Peavy surprised by this?  You're never really surprised because they are making a business decision.
  • In the next few years Peavy's contract will become a large part of the payroll especially if the payroll continues to decrease.
  • It's only a possibility until it really happens.  It would appear this trade will entail more than one guy.  It becomes more probable as teams become more aggressive to get it done.
  • No discussion has taken place about the new club being forced to pick up Peavy's option.
  • Peavy and Axelrod talked about the teams where he would be willing to go in generalities.  They won't go much beyond that until specifics arise.
  •  It would take something pretty enticing to get Peavy to switch to the American League.
  • Axelrod represents Phil Nevin, Wally Joyner and Peavy.  There is not a bad taste in Axelrod's mouth about the way his clients have been treated by the Padres.  The Padres are always communicative.  He doesn't always agree with their actions, but it is business.
  • Money is the reason why the Padres proposed this trade.  In the next few years Peavy will be eating up a large portion of the team payroll.
  • If the Padres are looking for more than a quick fix than it wouldn't make sense for the Padres to keep him around and while he commands such a large salary.
  • The Padres have an M.O. of signing contracts with large backends (think Kim Kardashian), then they trade them before those amounts  become due.
  • It's possible that the Padres may not like how vocal Peavy has been about his frustrations with the club and the direction it is going.  "There are a lot of people that like Jake's outspokenness and there are a few that do not care for it so much."  You'd have to ask Sandy, KT or Moores if Jake's malcontent is a reason for this trade.
  • Jake did not approach the Padres and tell them about his discontent.  The idea came from the Padres to Jake.  "If that's what you think is going to make the team better, if that's the direction you are going, if you think you will be in a 3-5 year rebuilding plan, then I will consider anything that you think will help the club."