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Kevin Towers says Peavy deal would need to return pitching

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3)

  • Clubs have inquired about Jake, that doesn't mean anything is imminent.  The Padres are listening.  If it improves the present and future of the club they are going to look at it.  It is going to be difficult to move him but the Padres are definitely open minded to what kind of deals that present themselves then they will decide to pull the trigger or not.
  • The number of players in return for Peavy would depend if they are prospects or proven big leaguers.  The Padres would need at least one proven impact player and a pretty healthy prospect package beyond that.
  • Kevin Towers is focusing on about 6 clubs that the Padres match up with.  Three are more promising than the others.  It's going to have to be a deal they really like to move him.
  • The relationship with Peavy is still really good and they could still work together in 2009.  They know winning now is very important to Jake.  If the deal presents itself that would benefit the Padres and Peavy he'd be okay with it.  He has soured because of the way the Padres performed this past season.  He's unsure of what the ball club will look like going forward.  Peavy gave them the list of teams and told them "see what you can do with it".
  • The Padres are going to explore the trade market more so than the free agent market.
  • The Padres like the young positional players and the key is adding as much pitching depth as they can.  Any potential Peavy deal would be focused on pitching, pitching, pitching.
  • The Padres need to get better at situational hitting.  "Although it would be nice to score more runs we have to get back to what we do well which is pitching and catching the ball."  Load up on pitching is what they are trying to do.
  • Towers has talked to Khalil Greene a couple times since the grievance was filed.  Khalil is still rehabbing.  "Khalil is an introvert, not a man of many words." KT doesn't think the relationship has been tarnished by any means.
  • The Padres will have the coaching staff in place by the end of the month.
  • An offer was presented to Hoffman last week and they haven't heard back from him.  
  • The Giles deal is more cut and dry, they either pick up the option or not.
  • The next statue we will see in the Park in the Park will be Number 51 Trevor Hoffman