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Peavy's agent lists cities where he would be willing to play

Organization feeling out trade offers for Padres staff ace Peavy

Axelrod made one concrete stipulation to any trade scenarios: “Jake would only approve a trade to a team with a solid chance of winning and a winning tradition. Those teams in the National League may be in locations that are more acceptable, or would be.”

Okay, fair enough, lets have a look at his list, or would be.  Why are we saying "or would be" a the end of sentences.  Nevermind... to the list!

He said “the ability or opportunity to win is very important to Jake, and hopefully some sort of coincidence with his and his family's lifestyle.”

Among the cities Axelrod mentioned were Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

Because of Peavy's intention to keep his family in San Diego for at least part of the year, Axelrod acknowledged that the Anaheim Angels are one AL club that would draw extra consideration.

First things first.  "Chicago" and "Winning Tradition" have not been mentioned together in a newspaper article in 100 years.  Peavy may want to brush up on his baseball history before he rushes into any trades.  Let me catch my breath...

Okay but Chicago looked good this year until the inevitable collapse and they are definitely willing to spend money.  Atlanta is close to his home and birth place, so it's understandable.  Houston?  Well he hunts with Roy Oswalt and the Astros played in the World Series a few years ago.  I guess that's close enough to a winning tradition for Peavy. 

Los Angeles?  Peavy you son of a ----.  How dare you, sir!  Just because you hold an inhuman record in Dodger Stadium doesn't mean you get to face the Dodgers line up every time you pitch there.  Also, you do this and you are dead to me.  I know you carry my opinion in high regard... so there it is out on the table.

St. Louis, yeah I guess they've won the World Series recently and they are a "good baseball town" and "their fans are oh so smart and classy" and "they have trees that grow cotton candy" and "magically when their fans go #2 it tastes like fudgsicles".  We've heard it all before.

Oh but just because the Padres and Peavy are already reserving moving trucks doesn't mean that Peavy doesn't  loooove himself some San Diego.

“My first choice is to be in San Diego, with a team that is going to do everything they can do to be a postseason team and try to win a World Series,” said Peavy, who received full no-trade powers as part of the three-year, $52 million extension signed last December.

“That's first and foremost what I want to happen, and why I signed this contract – because I love San Diego,” he said.

Two can play this game.  I love Jake Peavy when he is winning.