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Partially Peeved that Peav might Leave

Peavy has said he wants to win here in San Diego consistently.  That's what we all want, management, ownership, players and fans.  Everybody wants that, but it's not going to happen.  The Padres were able to escape the last few seasons with a winning record but the window on that core group of players has closed.  Fresh talent either wasn't being acquired, wasn't being played or wasn't performing.  Now we are facing an overhaul of the team and we enter a rebuilding year.

Peavy doesn't want to stick around while the team rebuilds, because he'd rather play for a winner.  Guess what Peavy?  The fans would rather cheer for a winner too, but we stick around when a team loses.  We don't just start cheering for the Dodgers because they made the playoffs.  We don't cheer for the Rockies whenever they beat you.  We've made a commitment to the team, much like Peavy did with your huge multi-year contract.  The only difference is that we aren't getting paid.  Peavy can also directly affect whether the team will win or lose by being here.  Trust me it's a lot more frustrating when nothing you do has any affect on the team.  Rebuilding has to happen or else we will certainly face a hundred loss season again.

That being said I like Peavy stirring sh*t up.  He's one of the guys that can express his displeasure and people will listen.  He's in a safer place because Alderson can't really fire him.  Being the star player allows him to say what a lot of other players probably wish they could say and it's refreshing to hear it.

I just think it's a little early to be threatening to leave.  Air your greivances by all means, otherwise it's unlikely we'll hear anything.