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Thoughts on a lunch break

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I work downtown again. Got a new job at Digitaria Interactive so I'm right in the thick of downtown. For lunch today, I went over to Bread on Market. I find myself looking very closely at people around me to determine if they affiliated with the Padres so that I can harrass them.

Part of me feels really guilty about being so titillated when it comes to the Moores divorce, but at the same time, if Drama and Winfield's Ghost went through a bitter breakup, I'm sure the FanPost/FanShot fans would be all a titter as well.

Is Peavy gone next year? Maybe. Maybe. He'd be another in a pretty decent list of amazingly good pitchers that have played for the Padres for a pretty minimal amount of time.

I don't have a whole lot else... I know JBox is working on a Gaslamp Ball t-shirt shop. That should be up sometime. I came across Baseball Hacks while at Borders yesterday. If somebody wants to send me a copy for Halloween, that'd be cool.