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Tony Gwynn will be eating lunch with you. LIVE ON THE INTERNETS!

Come 12:30PM Pacific, I want you all to direct your browsers to this link. Look for Sports @ Lunch - Tony Gwynn and click the View button. What will happen then is a miracle of the internets. You'll be able to see Tony Gwynn live on your computer and chat with him online.

If you're quick about it, you might still be able to get in. Just visit the San Diego Hall of Champions website.

This should be supergood times.

Update [2008-1-8 12:13:17 by Dex]: OK. So you can't quite chat with him online, but you'll be able to chat on the little thing that you're watching him on and our guy on the inside will try to pass questions along. To be honest, if you were really having lunch with that the Gwynn, that's probably how you'd have to converse with him anyway. Via third party.

Update [2008-1-8 14:37:26 by Dex]: Hall of Fame broadcaster Jerry Coleman will be there too! Holy Toledo!