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Brian Giles. Khalil Alpha. Subliminal bricks.

Jbox is getting bummed that more people aren't getting involved the the Mii contest. And now it's bumming me out that he's so bummed out, so somebody make some Miis please. Thank you.

Meanwhile, here's some stuff that I've discovered about the Padres recently...

First, I've discovered that Brian Giles possibly has the worst arm for a rightfielder. That's OK though, because we don't really crush on Brian Giles for his arm. We crush on him for his hoochiemama ass.

Second, the metafilterers at Metafilter have discovered video of a young Khalil Greene in 1988.

What else. What else... Oh there's this. If you stay at the Hilton enough, you can use your points to announce games for the Portland Beavers. I'd love to announce games for some professional sporting event. Whenever I play games with friends or family, I call the action and it always makes it more interesting. Tell me it isn't true. Somebody tell me it isn't true.

Fourth non-bullet bullet point: Is the infamous PETA Brick working on a subliminal level? I will admit that I haven't shopped at PetCo lately, but that's mostly because I can get a better deal on catfood at the grocery store and the last gerbil I bought from there didn't last as long as I wanted it to.

Hey, what?