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Channel 4 Post Game Show

I kind of forgot that Channel 4 has a nightly Post Game Show year round.  I just came across it last week and set up my DVR to record it.  It's nice being able to see John Weisbarth and Jenny Cavnar in HD goodness.

Here's what I've learned from the two episodes that I've seen so far.

  1.  Jenny Cavnar has darkened her hair.
  2.  Ted Leitner has a weird phenomenon going.  Ted was a guest last night talking about Aztec Basketball and Padres Baseball.  I was thinking isn't it weird that at one point his hair was darker than his skin and now his skin is about a thousand times darker than his hair?  I wonder if Teddy and Giles ever go tanning together.
  3.  Roger Clemens doesn't pass the "Teddy Test"  meaning Leitner sees Clemens getting a big head, thick neck and pitching well into his 40's and thinks he did use steroids.
  4.  I'm disappointed that Cavnar isn't listed as a full time host on the website.  Instead it's Weisbarth, Quis and Scanlan.  Here's what you do, boot Quis and replace him with Cavnar.  Quis snubbed me once at the ballpark.
  5.  Turns out that San Diego fans are fair weather after all and can't sell out a Chargers playoff game because it might rain.
The show is pretty good and if you're a normal person you'd probably learn something that didn't have to do with the host's hair color.