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Baseball teams I hate, ranked in order of disgust: Part 2

We continue with the negativity...

  1. Cardinals - How is it possible that a team so consistently bounces us out of the playoffs? The killer was the year the Cardinals won it all. If that terrible Cardinals team could do it, then seriously, the Padres could've done it. Also, La Russa's just gotten to be too much to bear and I've personally never liked the way that Pujols smirks while he's up to bat. Wipe that smirk off your face before crushing home runs against us!

  2. Yankees - They used to be much higher for me. I really didn't like getting swept out of '98. I, like most of you, also used to be very irritated by the way they would outspend everybody to championships post-1998. And then something kinda crazy happened... The Red Sox showed up and started dominating things and then the Patriots started their little dynasty and suddenly Boston sports fans became the most annoying people on the planet. Since then, I've found myself rooting for anybody that can take the Red Sox down a few pegs... including the Yankees. Also, Yankee Stadium is one of the nicest places I've been. Nevertheless, they're the Yankees and they end up in the top 10. (That's right thenerdhater... one after another)

  3. Braves - Tomahawk chop. Ugh.

  4. Astros - I've never liked the Killer Bees schtick. Also, there's something about the Astros that have always made them seem like the Bizzaro version of the Padres to me. Don't ask me to explain it. The only thing that comes immediately to mind is the fact that they share a history of "ugly" uniforms with us.
Only four this time... It's getting a little tough to sort out the bottom half of the standings...