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Padres: Odds and Ends

The first day of the Winter Warm Up road trip starts tonight in Temecula.  There are six players that will be attending.  There will be food, videos and nubile baseball players. Young and naive ball players that are away from home for the first time and have never met a groupie before.  Now's the time to get them.

  • Justin Germano

  • Randy Wolf

  • Chase Headley

  • Bryan Myrow

  • Paul McAnulty

  • Drew Macias

  • Rick Renteria (coach)

  • Matt Antonelli

  • Chad Huffman

Here's some kinda quirky things that show up in Padres player's contracts.  I wonder why you would have the Padres pay your golf membership?  Why not just ask for money and then pay for it yourself?

Contract Perks:

For pitcher Greg Maddux the Padres went a step further, giving him a suite on the road as well as a team-paid membership in the tony Del Mar Country Club.

That's not all. San Diego will give Maddux a $100,000 bonus if he wins the National League Cy Young or MVP award.

The San Diego Padres once promised reliever Alan Embree a $50,000 bonus if he were named the starting pitcher in the All-Star game, even though he had never been an All-Star and hadn't started a game since 1992.