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Padres Garage Sale: Gwynn raffling off his motorcycle and Steve Finley selling his house

  • Tony Gwynn is raffling off his personalized and autographed 2002 Road King Harley.  Yep the one that his team gave him on the last day of his playing career.  You could win it by buying a raffle ticket for $100.  All proceeds go to the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation. The bike is worth about $20K and they are hoping to raise $100K. Here's the Raffle Flier (PDF) with more information. I don't know about you but I could tell Gwynn didn't want the Harley the second he saw it. It was like when you get underwears for Christmas. You smile politely, but it's pretty obvious that you were happy not wearing underwears. Gwynn probably only sat on the motorcycle once.  If the winner is lucky maybe sunflower seeds are crushed into the seat and dried knee fluid can be seen on the chrome.
  • Steve Finley is selling his house for $14 million.  It's a quaint little home in Rancho Santa Fe.
    the main house is 12,244 square feet with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 12 stone fireplaces, a wine cellar for more than 3,800 bottles and an award-winning audio and visual system. The kitchen has a walk-in refrigerator, the library has a copper wall, and the master suite has leather-paneled ceilings and two master closets with leather floors.