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Padres Links presented to you in bullet points

  • Wide-open spaces to fill at Petco

    Here's a quote from Matt Antonelli:

    ...the more balls I see, the better.

    Amen to that!

  • Padres Winter Warm-Up travels to seven cities with events throughout the region:

    Pretty much the entire Padres roster is visiting a location near you to sign autographs, kiss babies, and glad hand the public.  The events culminate with FriarFest next weekend.  Gaslamp Ball will be there next Saturday.

  • Corey Brock opens his mail bag.  The main topic of discussion is stopping base runners.  Can they be stopped?  Answer: no.
  • Full Count Pitch gives the Padres a 50/50 chance of being awesome next season.  I didn't read the whole article because the websites tag line is "For the Serious Baseball Fan" and let's be honest I don't fit into that category.  He does give best and worst case scenarios to the team and he generally has pretty positive things to say about our team.
  • The Hall of Champions will be hosting Kevin Towers and Bud Black on Feb. 7th. Buy your tickets soon and find out if those two have good table manners.
  • SB Nation has introduced a new sports blog entitled Uncommon Sportsman.  I'm a little hazy on the concept but apparently the blog focuses on "sports" that don't usually get their proper recognition on the internets.