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Bring the Chicken home

I'm falling off my game, dude. Is it January already? People are reporting to camp soon! I'm about knee deep in random Padres crap. I'll see about getting it all out in little miniature increments throughout the day. First...

I'm sure that it's shown up somewhere in the comments or something, but Darren Rovell has a writeup on the San Diego Chicken. And the 700Level points out that Forbes has named the San Diego Chicken the second best mascot in sports. Consider this. The San Diego Chicken does not have a home team. At this point, he shows up once a year at Petco and spends the rest of the time touring minor league ballparks. I love the Friar, but isn't it time to bring the Chicken home to San Diego? Having the Chicken around could only improve the Friar's game.