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SB Nation 2.0

I can't say much about the new SB Nation, other than it will be released soon and that it's ridiculous awesome. I'm not even sure why I'm writing anything about it considering the fact that jbox and I aren't supposed to say anything about it. Let me just say that it will make Gaslamp Ball even more fun than it currently is. If you don't find Gaslamp Ball fun at all, then this will exceed your expectations. It may or may not give you physical, erotic pleasure. It may or may not cure you of bad habits like boozing it up excessively or smoking the marijuana like a cigarette.

What it will do is make it 43 times more fun to follow the Padres throughout the season and beyond. That's not 41 times or 42 times. It's 43 times.

You can ask questions about it, but I can't answer them to any sort of satisfactory measure.