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Since the Chargers are the only NFL team without SBNation representation, and since Gaslamp Ball is the only SBNation blog representing a San Diego sports team. Let me just say... WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

All week long, nobody gave the Chargers any chance. I heard more people saying that Jacksonville was going to have a better chance against undefeated New England. Jacksonville. Here's what I heard...

"With Gates out, there's no chance for the Chargers passing game. Chris Chambers isn't enough and Vincent Jackson is a fantasy bust."

"They're not gonna intercept Peyton that way again."

"Marvin Harrison is back and that's too many weapons for the Colts."

"Philip Rivers is a bag of douche."

So, to wit... Gates plays and guts out a performance, but in the end, does not factor a great deal in the outcome. Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson demonstrate why A.J. Smith likes tall people catching the football. Peyton Manning gets intercepted twice (quit crying about them being deflections). Marvin Harrison gives up the key fumble. And sure, Philip Rivers is overly cocky, but calling him a "douchebag" is now as tired as "Stay classy, San Diego". Get some new material. Me? I'm gonna go back to calling people "assholes". No longer will I refer to somebody as a douchebag.

In the end, I didn't expect a Charger win. Indianapolis is a very very good team. But I couldn't believe how little of a chance people were giving the Chargers. As good as Indianapolis is, the Chargers have 8 Pro Bowlers spread out on both sides of the ball. They have the league's best running back. The league's best tight end. They've beaten the Colts twice in a row, including once this year already. And yet they had no chance?

Thank goodness they actually play the game. All the doubters had this one cashed last Sunday.