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I think I just freaked this dude out

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So at the Padres game last Thursday I was walking through the Park in the Park and this couple was at the top of the knoll asked me to take a picture of them with the Ballpark in the background.  The girl explained that she had forgotten her camera but asked if I could use her razr phone to take a picture of them.  They had a little picnic set up with a blanket and probably chocolate covered strawberries or whatever else preppy people eat at picnics.

I agreed and took her pink razr phone with dangling trinkets hanging from it and started to take the picture.  She told me that I had to hold down the button and hold the phone extra still since it had no flash.  I followed her instructions and it came out pretty good and she seemed happy with it.  The guy didn't really seem to like getting his picture taken but was happy to oblige his lady friend.  The picture was still pretty poor quality since it was only 1.x megapixels.  

So I'm up wandering around the Tony Gwynn statue for a little bit and then realize that this whole time I had my new camera in my pocket.  I wonder if it would be a nice thing to do to take a picture of them and email it to them.  I approach them again and they seem a little startled that I want to take a picture of them with my camera.  I agree it's a little weird and made me a little uncomfortable too but I thought I was being nice.  They agree though and thank me.  The girl wants to look over the picture to make sure she looks good in it and seriously my camera is so f'n nice that it'd be hard for anybody not to look good.  She thanks me and says "So you promise you'll email it?"  "Uh yeah, I don't want it for myself, I'll send it tomorrow."

The guy give me his business card and we part ways.  The next day I email him the picture and ask him if he could email me back just to confirm that he got the picture.  The picture was a 2 or 3MB's so I didn't know if his email would accept it.  

A few days go buy and I email him again, "hey dude just wanted to see if you got your picture".  I felt weird having the picture and kind of wanted to delete it but wanted to make sure they got it before I did.  

The guy finally emails back a few days after that saying yes that he did get it, but I could tell he just wanted me to stop emailing him.  He probably thought he had a run into this weird stalker who took pictures of him and then wouldn't stop emailing him.  The whole situation was awkward, but that's what happens when you deal with the jbox.