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F_ck it. We're a Gulls blog now.

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I've read everybody's comments and I talked it over with jbox and we've decided to become a Gulls blog. What better way to avoid having to talk about debilitating losses than to root for a team that literally cannot ever lose another game ever again?

Let's start with a brief background of our new favorite team. A good quote from that Wikipedia article:

The team's cheerleaders were known as the San Diego Gull Girls. These cheerleaders were revered by fans for their scantily-clad attire and suggestive dance moves during the game. Their dance routines and assembles were also notable, causing great yelling and hysteria by the fans.
See that? When was the last time that the Pad Squad caused "great yelling", much less "hysteria"? That's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm talking about. Check what happens next...

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