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Man, I'm glad the season's over

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To any Diamondbacks fans who are checking to see the "Gaslamp Ball" response to last night's game, please don't comment. I don't really want you around, and the longer you stay here telling me that you're not doing anything wrong, the more I hate you and want to tear your throat out and feed it to my cats. Sure, you're friendly enough, but so was the dude on my doorstep last week trying to sell me a 5-year subscription to Oprah's magazine. I don't want O Magazine coming to my mailbox every month and I'm not in the mood for your "friendly" banter. Maybe that's just me. Maybe that's just today. But I'm honestly sick enough of some of the general negativity we get from our regular readers to have any patience for this chipper attitude from people not even invited to the party. So, hey thanks, but get away from me because you smell like the cow got into the onion patch.

In any case, we get an off day to think about what we've done. Peavy is obviously done psychologically as is the rest of the team. I don't anticipate the Padres ever winning another game this season after completely wrecking Peavy's arm and forcing our offense to own up to the fact that they're terrible. In fact, just to punish Bud Black for being such an idiot, I say we make him start the next 8 games in a row just to show you that professional athletes need exactly 96 hours of rest. There's a lot that happens in that final 24 hours. We all have seen what Keifer Sutherland can accomplish in 24 hours and robbing Jake Peavy of that was balls out the most idiotic move in the history of baseball.

The Cy Young Award is obviously going to go to Brandon Webb. Sure, when he was called on to step up and beat the Padres last week, he failed miserably, but at least he didn't volunteer to kamikaze pilot himself right into the empty spot next to the battleship like Peavy did. No honor in a face full of water and engine parts.

That being said, let's look forward to next season and what we'll be doing this offseason. Halloween's always a fun holiday and I enjoy Thanksgiving. I'm hoping for some Wii games for Christmas, but I think the new baby (any day now) will probably hog a lot of the glory in the presents department. Charger gear only please. Enough with the Padres gear. I don't root for losers.