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Cleaning House

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Let's do some housekeeping.

  • We are printing the Gaslamp Ball Girly Tee on a thicker shirt, it will now be sold on the American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T (black). There were some problems with the previous shirt being too thin:
    because the fabric is so much thinner than regular shirt fabric, the underbase spray that we use (a must when printing light ink on black shirts) tends to leave a white residue. In past situations when the underbase was visible, it usually washed away (since it was waterbased) after one or two washes. I just don't know how it will react with this shirt.

    So based on AstroPitch's recommendation we switched to this new shirt.  If you bought the previous shirt you can send it back for a refund.  Sorry 'bout that.  If you want to buy shirts click over on the Official Online Store immediately to your right.

  • If you want to meet up with some Gaslamp Ballers we're going to go to the September 15th game.  It's a Saturday and it's cap night.  I haven't gotten my tickets yet but will soon since it will probably be a popular night.  Sound like fun?  Then why am I so nervous?
  • What else?  Anything?

Update [2007-9-5 17:18:59 by jbox]:

I love house cleaning, let's do some more...

  • If you have any problems with your t-shirt contact customer service for AstroPitch at
  • Let's try not to make anybody uncomfortable by flirting with them too much, there are sites for that kind of thing and I'm pretty sure this isn't one of them.
  • Please use your best judgment when posting personal information on here. The internet as you know is filled with crazy people. Some of them do a lot more than draw unicorns.
  • Don't troll other sites, that just makes us look bad and we look bad enough. Don't be mean to others. That's our job.
  • Keep the cussing to a minimum. If you do cuss at least be a little creative. Don't use any words that may insult minority groups. We will delete them and/or ban you.