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From Rob Neyer's Chat:

PaulieP (Scottsdale): Speaking of the Denton Young award, Brandon Webb has to be in the lead in the NL after that amazing stretch of scoreless innings, right?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: (12:29 PM ET ) No way. It's Peavy's to lose.
HA! No soup for Webb, Diamondbacks Fan! Ha! Also, I know there's some worry in the Diaries that Peavy shouldn't pitch on three days rest. Me? I say send him in there. Why's everybody so chicken teriyaki? You want to know how make a statement? You take those balls. You put them to the wall. You put your balls to the wall and that's how you make your statement. You want chicken teriyaki, go to Panda Express. Me? I'm putting my balls to the wall. BALLS TO THE WALL, BABY.
Josh W NY, NY: Do you think any National League team has any chance to beat an American League team in the World Series?

SportsNation Joe Morgan: Any team that gets into the playoffs can win the World Series. The AL will be favored, but look at what happened last year. In a short series anyone can get hot and win; so yes an NL team can win. I think the Mets would have the best chance. I think the Padres would also have a good chance because of their pitching. Remember it is not always the best team that wins, but the team that is playing best at the time.
Joe Morgan's so smart.

Actually, now that I look. I guess that's all the Padres related stuff.