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Open Thread, 9/30: Padres vs Brewers

So the last game of the regular season is upon us. The decision has been made. For the record, I don't like Peavy on either day. I think he has a tendency to put too much of the game on his own shoulders to be effective. That's right. If anybody knows Jake Peavy, you can tell him that the official Gaslamp Ball stance is that he sucks in big games. See how he reacts to that. Don't tell him jbox thinks otherwise.

Also, I don't like playing any strategy that anticipates ever losing. You play the game to win. You don't play the game to hopefully-not-lose. That's the equivalent of a prevent defense. That's what Tony La Russa would do and Tony La Russa thinks it's perfectly acceptable to drive while drunk.

Regardless of all that, I guess if it were my decision, I would start Brett Tomko. Not because I think he's a better pitcher than Jake Peavy. Not because I'm anticipating using Jake Peavy in a Monday tiebreak. I use Brett Tomko because I want to make it perfectly clear to my players that this is a team sport and if they decide that they don't want to show up today, then f_ck 'em. If this team can't beat an already eliminated Brewers team after taking a loss like they took yesterday, then it just proves my suspicions from last week that they're heartless, and I don't want to root for a heartless team in the postseason. The Padres need to be completely aware that it shouldn't matter one way or another who's pitching for them. They just need to do whatever it takes for them to win.

At the very least... the regular season's been interesting.