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Ah Labor Day...

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Labor Day... That magical time of year when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of not going to work...

From the SLPIH (I pronounce it "slippy"): bud Black's reasoning for the lineup. Now I've been a huge Bud Black defender and I've been rewarded for my patience with a first place Padres team, tied with an uberlucky Diamondbacks team and four games in front of the Dodgers. But at this point in the season, Buddy really needs to start staggering these rests or at least working out a different system... If for no sake, other than his own and sparing himself the criticism he gets when we lose a game on a vacay day. Sure, he was going to get stung for giving Milton Bradley a vacay day, but he could have lessened it by not giving Kouz and Bard the same vacay day. I'm totally fine with giving Barrett some starts to try to get him going. I understand Milton Bradley needs a rest day as we hit the postseason push. Morgan Ensberg needs to get a few looks.

But we didn't really need to do it all on the same day. I'm just saying.

According to the Hardball Times, the Padres are the best team in the NL, just edging out the Mets who will be getting Pedro back shortly. You know what's interesting... For the most part, analysts (outside of ESPN) have stuck to their guns from earlier in the season in predicting the Padres to be the best team in the West and among the best teams in the National League along with the Mets. And the thing is... The team really has been. Even in the dark days, of which I only really remember one stretch where I thought that the team really sucked, the team was still better than the teams around them.

Now, we enter our final series against the Diamondbacks... the Rattacatcoons of old. Thankfully, yesterday was vacay day, and, though it would have been nice to throw Peavy out against the snakes, they do get to see Chris Young... And Jack Cassel, who looked OK. And Greg Maddux, who kinda sucks against the D-Backs, but was able to shut them down last time. I'm confident we can come away with a victory, but I'm sure it will be a ride.